Did you know when you are a guest at Bear Crossing you have a full service kitchen in your condo? This is a total game changer! Gone are the days where you live off of fast food and vending machine snacks while on vacation. You can cook your favorite meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and save a buck or two while doing it. More money to experience all the fun that Pigeon Forge has to offer and there is a lot! For today’s Foodie Friday, I’m going to share a recipe of one of my husband’s all time favorite casseroles: Scalloped Potatoes. If you’re not a fan, don’t leave me yet. There are quite a few variations of this recipe but I promise, if you like cheese, ham, and potatoes, you are in for a real treat!

The prep time on this is a little hefty due to peeling, cutting, and cooking the potatoes, and making homemade sauce, but this is a great opportunity for everyone in the family to work together and help out. I just made this for my husband’s birthday this past week and we shared it with family. Everyone loved it and it was delicious as always. Here is the breakdown:


8 medium/large potatoes

8 oz. block of cheddar cheese

Miniature block (pre-sliced) ham


6 Tbs butter

6 Tbs flour

¾ tsp salt

⅜ pepper

3 cups milk

Let’s start by peeling all the potatoes. Then slice them a little more than ¼ of an inch in width. (they should look like a disc) Put them in a pot of water and bring to a boil. While the potatoes are cooking, pull out the ham. The amount of ham you decide to use is up to you. I stack a few pieces on top of each other and cut them into small squares. This helps decrease cutting time. Set ham squares aside. Then, you can grate the 8oz. block of cheese. We are big cheese lovers in our house, you can probably get away with using less ;). Set the cheese aside. Next we’re going to prepare the sauce. (Make sure to keep an eye on your potatoes. They are done when you can stick a fork in them easily)

For the sauce, you will need a medium size sauce pan. Put butter into the sauce pan and melt. (use medium heat) While the butter is melting, in a small bowl combine the flour, salt, and pepper. Stir. Once the butter has melted, gradually pour the flour mixture into the sauce pan and using a whisk blend the butter and flour mixture. Do this until the flour is completely blended and not clumpy. You will then add all of the milk at once. Continue to stir sauce (On medium heat) until it starts to thicken. Once the sauce thickens, you will add ¾ of the cheese you grated. Stir until cheese is melted.  Once cheese has melted, you will pour in the ham squares. Stir until everything is mixed well. Your potatoes should definitely be done at this point. You will drain them in a strainer. Add part of the potatoes to a large casserole dish. Add part of the sauce and mix gently. Add the rest of the potatoes and pour sauce on top. Stir gently. Top with the remaining cheese and bake uncovered on 350*F for about 15-20 minutes. You can serve with a green veggie and rolls. DELISH 

This is a great recipe to try in your luxury condo at Bear Crossing, Mountain View, Colonial Crest, Big Bear Resort, Golf View Resort, Cedar Lodge, or Whispering Pines! Enjoy a delicious meal in the comforts of your home-away-from home surrounded by the people you love! We look forward to seeing you.