Have the mountains been calling your name lately? I think that means it’s time for another Pigeon Forge vacation! We all know that this area is constantly changing so every single time you visit, there is a new place for you and the family to explore. This is why we welcome millions of visitors each year, we just continue to grow and offer more and more things for you to do while you’re here! A new destination that has recently opened is The Island! Has it been awhile since you’ve been here? Well, this is one place that you’ll definitely want to check on when you come to see us again. When you stay with us at Bear Crossing, we offer a little surprise for you when it comes to this location. You can actually walk right over to the Island from our condos! That’s right, you don’t need to pack up the car to experience all the fun this little oasis has to offer, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Another perk of staying with us is that we offer FREE TICKETS to numerous shows and attractions in the area that you are sure to enjoy while you’re here. One of them just so happens to be for their very own ferris wheel, but we’ll touch on that in just a few moments. Are you ready to find out how to spend A Day at The Island In Pigeon Forge? Join us on this little guide to doing so!

So you’ve just arrived and now you just need to know where to go first. I know there is a lot to choose from, but I recommend starting with a bite to eat so you can get some energy for your adventure. I would stop by Mellow Mushroom and share a delicious pie with the family before all the excitement really begins. Now that you’ve eaten way too much and are ready to walk some of it off, I recommend visiting some of the shopping areas so you can start planning your list on what you’d like to leave with. From purses and jewelry to candy and comic book collectibles, this one stop shop has something for every member of the family! Make sure you visit my favorite shop, Puzzled, to pick up some incredible puzzles that you and the family can even work on when you get back to the condo! I’d wait until later to actually purchase everything because there is still so much to do before you head out and you won’t want to carry those bags around all day. It just never hurts to start window shopping early, am I right?!

Your kids have seen them and you knew this was coming, it’s time to visit all the attractions on site! I recommend visiting their Island Ropes Course first because it’s one of my family’s favorite stops. They offer two different ropes courses so that people of all ages can enjoy themselves. There is one for the young ones in the family or anyone that is scared of heights, it will keep them more towards the ground, but will still make them feel like they’re doing what the other ones are! The second one will take everyone higher up and is bound to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you! With all different ways to choose to climb, you are bound to have a fun time from beginning to end. After this adventure comes to an end, it’s time to head over to the Mirror Maze and find your way through three amazing attractions. In the first one, get ready to get lost in an illusion since a bunch of mirrors will be dazzling your eyes as you try to find your way out! And yes, you’re going to come across quite a few dead ends, so it’s time to put your eyes to the test with this one. Next up is the Laser Maze Challenge, a course designed to see if you can make your way through a network of lasers by any means possible! Try to break the record and land yourself on their very own leaderboard. And lastly, we have Atomic Rush, their very own simon says version on fun that pins you against your family and friends as you rush to get the best score using good coordination (which I definitely do not have!) This will be a great time for everyone in the family. So now it’s time for another break, where should you go? Ole Smoky Moonshine of course! Grab a rocking chair conveniently located right outside of their entrance so you can enjoy some free bluegrass music! Playing almost every hour, there will be a band full of talented musicians that are ready to get your feet tapping and chairs rocking when they play their incredible tunes. If you’re looking to get a bit of relaxation, this is the spot to do so! And don’t forget to sample some of their amazing moonshine (if you’re 21 or older) before you leave, you’re bound to buy a bottle or four after you try some!

Before you know it, it’s already dinner time and now you have to decide where to go. I’ve narrowed it down to two spots there for you to choose from! Feeling like some seafood? Want to put your toes in the sand? Margaritaville has probably been calling your name since you arrived. Inspired by Jimmy Buffett, this restaurant will make you feel like you’re on an island paradise even though you’re in the middle of the mountains! With delicious food and fun entertainment, you won’t want to miss this spot. Best part of all? It doesn’t have to be five o’clock somewhere when you’re on vacation! Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is the other eatery I thought I’d tell you about. Get ready to be served family style as you try out some of her incredible recipes that everyone in the family are sure to enjoy. It’ll make you feel like you’re at home as soon you step foot in this place, it’s one that you will definitely want to try before you go.

It’s getting dark out and this is actually my favorite time to be at the Island. My first suggestion of what to do is to ride their incredible Great Smoky Mountain Wheel that you actually get a free ticket to while you’re staying with us! Climb aboard these incredible gondolas that are either air conditioned or heated depending on the time of year and get ready to see the most spectacular views around! You’ll get to see all the lights from way up above and this is why I always like to wait until it gets a little darker outside to ride. You won’t ever forget the gorgeous sunset that you see from way up above, you’re bound to just ask to ride again once it’s your time to get off. Good thing you get a free ticket to this during each day of your stay so you can come back tomorrow and ride it again! Once you’re done with the Wheel, I suggest that you head over quickly to their Island Show Fountain to find a seat for their water spectacular. Get ready to see the fountain light up with orchestrated colors as water dances along with a choreographed fourteen song playlist that is sure to have everyone singing and dancing along!

So your fun night at the Island is coming to an end and it’s time to pick one last thing to do before you go and pick up everything on your shopping list. What do I recommend? How about one more family competition…I mean adventure?! Get ready to play The Escape Game! It is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done at the Island and I’ve only tried one so far. Choose from five different escape themes and get ready to put your team-building to the test! You will have one hour to try to make it out of your room and it’ll take some real brainstorming to try to figure out the clues on how to make it out. Get ready to laugh and have one amazing time. With three free clues, the rest will be up to you and your group to see if you get leave with an I escaped sticker or one that says you almost did. We wish you all luck!

We hope you enjoyed A Day at The Island in Pigeon Forge and hopefully this gave you a pretty good guide to follow when you finally get to see it for yourself! This will be one place that’ll have you coming back for years to come. Get ready to experience paradise in the mountains! Come and join our family here at Bear Crossing, we would absolutely love to have you!