There is something magical about this time of year. First and foremost it is the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Over the years it has grown into much more than that, but what I truly love are the fun Christmas Traditions that are created and shared with family. You may already have some great family Christmas Traditions that I hope you will share with us in the comments, or you could be seeking for new traditions to start with your loved ones this year. So let’s get to it, Christmas Traditions starting now!

Have a Countdown/Advent Calendar leading up to Christmas is fun especially for the kiddos. There are many different kinds out there. Pinterest is a wonderful resource to find one that fits your family. There are ones filled with candy, pictures, scriptures, and different activities to do as a family, whether it’s ice skating, caroling, or volunteering. The options are truly endless here and can be as creative or simple as you choose. If you have kids at home or are an empty nester, this can bring joy to just about anyone.

I love making crafts, especially crafts with the little ones in your life. There are so many ideas out there. I love taking coffee filters and cutting them up to make beautiful snowflakes! You can tape these on windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors. I also found this cute footprint painting. This is a great decoration piece for your home and it can be a great keepsake gift!

This is one of my favorite traditions. We love books in our house and over the years have collected quite the Christmas book collection! The night before December 1st I gather all of the Christmas books and wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper and place them under the Christmas tree! Each day the kids get to open one ‘present’ and we can read a new Christmas book each day.

Cookie baking/decorating is fun for everyone. This is also a great opportunity to make in bulk and deliver to neighbors, friends, or maybe an elderly couple/widow in your neighborhood or church.

Driving around looking at Christmas lights is a favorite of mine from when I was growing up. We did this often throughout the month of December, but we always did it on Christmas Eve. We had our favorite spots and we were never disappointed! Windows would be down (unless it was totally freezing) Christmas music blaring and we would ‘ooooooo’ and ‘aaaahhhh’ at each twinkling light.

I can’t remember where I heard this next Christmas Tradition, but I fell in love with it instantly. Each member of the family writes a letter to one another telling them what they love about them. They then place it in their stocking to open on Christmas morning. What a wonderful way to show love and appreciation. Especially for siblings growing up together. My kids are still a little too young, but I plan to start this with our oldest this year. I think our boys with guidance and a little help will enjoy it! This is a great keepsake to look back on each year. I’m a sucker for snail-mail and handwritten letters. <3

Below are a list of more Christmas Traditions I thought would be fun to share:

*Watching Christmas movies

*Reading “twas the night before Christmas” on Christmas eve

*Acting out the Nativity with family while reading from the scriptures: This is a tradition I look forward to starting with my family.

*Making a birthday cake for Jesus- how fun is this idea!


*Donating to a charity

*Cookies & milk for Santa, Carrots for Reindeer


These ideas are just a few of the hundreds of different traditions out there. It can be traditional or non-traditional. The most important thing is that you are spending time with those you love and creating memories, a legacy for your family. This year, and every year, enjoy those Christmas Traditions!