Happy Spring everyone! The warm weather, blooming wildflowers, and sunshine are finally back in our lives! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the first day that I had to scrape ice off my windshield While we do love this season so much, we also know that Spring Showers are something that can happen when we least expect them to. Lucky for us, Pigeon Forge has so many fun and exciting attractions that are all indoors for us to enjoy when mother nature tries to throw wrench in our plans. When you stay with us at here Bear Crossing, we offer beautiful two and three bedroom condos for you all to get some well deserved rest and relaxation in. Each unit also comes with a private balcony that faces the Little Pigeon River. The best thing about this particular property is that it’s conveniently located in the heart of Pigeon Forge (traffic light #5), so you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from all the action! Another perk of staying with us is that we have a FREE TICKETS program for you to take advantage of while you’re here. This will get you a free adult ticket each day of your stay to numerous shows and attractions in the area, saving you $275 a day. You had plans to go hiking, but it’s raining now, so what should you do? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Rainy Day Activities!

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies – This is one of my all time favorite attractions that you will find it. From the second you enter, you’re surrounded by fascinating species of sea life. They have some hands on exhibits as well where you can pet a stingray or a jellyfish! Are you ready to get up close and personal with some sharks? The Shark Lagoon is waiting for you. Here you will have sharks swimming above your head and coming from all directions. It really is something to see, especially if you’re lucky enough to see the hammerhead. He likes to just sit there and pose for photos, it’s great. The best part is right before you’re ready to leave, you come across the Penguin Playhouse! Nothing beats seeing them in their natural chilly habitat. They’re so cute and you will love being able to see this special area. Don’t forget you get a free ticket here and you can also pick up the additional tickets you may need at a discounted rate from our front desk!

Titanic Museum – Pick up your boarding pass at a discounted price at our front desk and get ready for your very own voyage on the Titanic! Here you will find replicas of the ship like including the parlors and even the Grand Staircase. My favorite part is actually the room where you can touch an actual iceberg and see how truly cold the water was on that fateful night. Full of history at every corner, we can guarantee that this will become a family favorite. Find out at the end if you lived or perished that night.

The Escape Game Pigeon Forge – My coworkers and I actually did this during one of our team building nights and we all LOVED it! Choose from five different escape rooms and let the fun begin! Get ready to work together as a team to help solve the mystery and find the clues to get yourselves out of your room in one hour. These are way harder than you’d ever expect, but they are so unbelievably entertaining and it had all us laughing from the time we started until we (almost) escaped! I would recommend this everyday of the week if someone asked.

Wonderworks – This indoor amusement park is bound to become a family must-do every time you guys come to town. With over 100 hands on exhibits and six different wonder zones (natural disasters, physical challenge, light & sound, space discovery, imagination lab, and far out art gallery), you all could easily spend hours here having nonstop family fun. Feeling like a rebel? Try laying down on their bed of nails! Ready to see if you’re our next MLB pitcher? Have fun in the virtual pitching room! They also have an indoor ropes course (that took hours for me to get my family off of because they were having so much fun) and lazer tag. They really have some of everything here for everyone to enjoy no matter what age they are.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum – If you’re a crime history fan then this is just the attraction for you! Don’t let the name fool you, while you’re here, you will get an in-depth look at the history of crime in America. From white-collar crimes to even pirates, they have some of everything here in regards to crime. We are sure this museum will become a must-see every time you’re in town!

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving – I’m sure you’re all excited to get to try out the first vertical wind tunnel in America, and a rainy day gives you a perfect excuse to do so! Are you ready to feel like you’re defying gravity without having to jump out of a plane? This might just become a family favorite. Get ready to fly together when you visit this amazing attraction!

Comedy Barn – If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh until you (happy) cry, this is just the one for you! This family friendly show is my personal favorite here in Pigeon Forge. From a talking dog to magicians, they have it all and then some. No one show is ever the same thanks to hilarious audience interaction and all different kind of skits featuring their incredible and funny cast. I promise you that this show will have you giggling from beginning to end.

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at some fun Rainy Day Activities to take advantage of while you’re here in town! We know mother nature can sometimes try to rain on our parade, but lucky for us, we still have plenty to do to make sure this is one memorable vacation for everyone. Pigeon Forge truly has excitement waiting for us at every corner, no matter what day it is. We’re sure this will become your newest vacation destination if you haven’t visited the area before. So what are you waiting for? Book Your Pigeon Forge Vacation now or give us a call at 1.866.453.9696 and one of our friendly reservationists would love to help you find the perfect condo for your stay! Get ready to try out some of these exciting Rainy Day Activities! Don’t forget to take a peek at our Lodging Discounts. Come and join our family here at Bear Crossing, we would love to have you! Once the weather decides to clear up, make sure to take a look at some of our favorite Family Friendly Fun in Pigeon Forge spots to also visit during your stay.